The Value of Print

Growing up, my parents always had a bunch of framed pictures in our house. When I was young, the one that stood out to me the most was a photograph from their wedding. It was “the wedding photo” and it was displayed in a beautiful frame on top of my Mother’s piano. As a grown man I still remember the photograph and how much I enjoyed looking at my parents on their wedding day. That photograph gave me a sense of belonging, a sense of well-being. That photograph showed me the love that my parents continue to share today.

Now that I have a family and a home of my own printed photographs enjoy a place of prominence and honor in my own home. On display in my living room is a picture of my Mother’s parents. My grandparents are gone now but every time I look at their photograph I remember the special times I spent with them. The time spent helping my Grandfather in the garden. The incredible pies my Grandmother used to bake. That photograph is my connection back to people I loved while growing up. Two people who had a profound impact on who I am today.

My wife and I got married over twenty years ago and we have a son who is quickly approaching adulthood. I am amazed at how fast life passes us by and how the years tend to obscure the tiny details of events in our past. Every year on our anniversary, my wife and I sit together and look through our wedding album. We enjoy reminiscing over the photographs of our wedding, talking about and remembering the people we shared our wedding with. Those pictures take us back to the happiness of our wedding day and help us realize how far we have come together as husband and wife.

My job as a professional photographer is to create tangible memories for you. Finished photographs you can hold in your hands. Photographs that become family treasures. As an artist, nothing makes me happier than to see photographs we created together hanging as artwork in your home or on display in a beautiful album. I strongly believe that printed photographs are important parts of the legacy that we leave for future generations. Printed photographs become a physical part of your families’ history.

So what exactly is a finished print? A finished print is one that has been professionally color graded and retouched. All our finished prints are printed at a professional boutique lab on archival grade papers. Professional photographs will not fade and will stay true to color for 100 years or more. A finished print is just that – finished – it is the end deliverable from a professional photography session.

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About Northern Lights Studio

Hi! We’re Bill & Stephanie, New England wedding photographers based in Northern NH. We love photographing weddings because of our passion for helping couples remember one of the most important days of their lives. Northern Lights offers engagement photography, wedding photography, and bridal sessions throughout New England. As wedding photographers, we believe in the value of printing images – so much so that all of our wedding packages include a beautiful signature wedding album.

Did you know that Northern Lights Studio also offers family, maternity, newborn and high school senior photographs through our sister company Stephanie Dupuis Photography?